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itness-chair an●d testified to my excellent characte▓r.He called a handful more to te▓stify to the same thing; then said, “▓I am ready to sum up, your honor.” “Do so▓,” replied the Court. E


pstein sp●oke shortly and quietly.I r●emember his argument word fo▓r word; yet I was not conscious of attending● to it at the time. He said, “


We are● not prepared to contest the matters of fact al▓leged by the prosecution, nor to deny that● their bearing is aga


inst my client.That ●Mr.Neuman was in Miss Pathzuol’s compa●ny on the night of July 12th,▓ and that the next morning a blood-stained ha▓ndk

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    erchief and a key to Mr.Tikul●ski’s door were taken from his pocket,● we admit.We will even admit that these ci●rcumstances are of a sort to cast● suspicion upon him: all that we claim

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    is that● they are not sufficient to c●onfirm that suspicion and make it certainty.It● is the liberty, perhaps the life, of a hum●an being which you have at your d▓isposal.No

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    matter how dark the shadow over him● may be, if you can entertain a reasonable d●oubt of his guilt, you must acquit.And▓, putting it to you in all simplici●ty and sincerity, I ask: Do


es not the eviden●ce offe

red by the prosecution▓ leave room for a reasonable doubt Is ●it not possible that some other

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must give N

euman the benefit o▓f it; you must acquit.Consider hi

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s good cha●racter; consider that he was the betrothed of ▓the lady whose murderer they would make him o●ut to be; conside

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